Air Asylum BASE FJC  Course Curriculum    


  • 150 skydives


  • Read “The Great Book Of BASE”

  • Canopy training  / accuracy experience

  • Dont start BASE jumping!

What to Bring

  • Hiking shoes or boots

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather

  • BASE gear (if you have any)

  • Helmet

  • Knee pads and additional protective gear (optional)

Day 1

Introduction to BASE

We will review administrative and safety information, conduct a terrain walk of the area, and begin BASE training. The first day ground school portion will cover everything in the course curriculum outline. Our goal is for students to become familiar with their gear, proficient with packing and prepared to make their first jumps. The focus for the first several jumps is learning to pack, gear checks, exits, and accuracy.



Day 2

New Day New Decisions

By now, we are starting to work on hand held and stowed exits while still focusing on the task of packing, exits and accuracy.  Students start to become more proficient and have already witnessed many jumps and made several of their own. Some will want to push their abilities and some will want to hone a specific skill. This is where true independence and self confidence starts to develop and where habits for safe decision making are formed. More advanced theory and application will be discussed as jumping progresses, inclement weather holds will be used as opportunities to expand theory and ground school topics. 



Day 3

So Lows

By this day we are hopefully at about 8-10 jumps with enough mental and physical fortitude to bust out a handful more. We continue to review and expand our knowledge base and make a few warm up jumps to hopefully graduate everyone with a solo. That’s right! Nobody is going to be there for your graduation. It’s a rite of passage.





  • Decision Making

    • Knowledge

      • Weather

      • Risk Management

      • Emergency preparedness

      • Communications

    • Fitness

      • In a positive state of mind

      • Being physically prepared

    • Gut

      • Listen and learn

  • Responsibilities

    • Ethics

      • Exits

      • Gear checks

      • Being human

    • Public image

      • Don’t be an asshole

      • Don’t be a dumb ass

  • Gear Familiarization/Packing

    • Skydiving vs. BASE

      • Container differences

      • Canopy control differences

    • Pilot chutes, sliders, and brake settings

      • What to choose

    • Packing rules and techniques

  • Exits  (practical exercises)

    • Climb over practice

    • Launch control and body awareness

    • PCA, Hand Held, Stowed practice

    • Floater exits (possible)

  • Accuracy

    • BASE canopy flight characteristics

      • Turns

      • Deep brakes

      • Stall recovery

    • Get to know your canopy

      • Stall Point

      • Glide

      • Rear risers

      • Front risers



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