This lightweight chassis is constructed of T6 aluminum and beautifully powder coated. It has very good mechanical strength, a very comfortable SupAir harness w/reserve chute mounting, 3K carbon fiber spars and seat board, carbon fiber prop and option of either the Ultimate 130CC or the Nitro 200CC motor.  Standard configuration includes titanium weight shift arms. This frame is designed to meet the budget minded pilot who still enjoys a reliable and high power to weigh ratio machine that is both aesthetic and ergonomic.  The 130CC engine generates 145 lbs static thrust, while the Nitro 200 motor generate 165 lbs static thrust. 

130CC Specs Here
Nitro Specs Here

"Ultimate 130" - pull start/belt drive(43lbs): $5995
"Nitro 200" -  pull start/belt drive(44lbs): $6,895
​NEW - "Delta Nitro 200 E-Start" -  belt drive (47 lbs)- $7500
NEW - "Delta Nitro 200 E-Start/Clutch" -  Clutch-belt drive (47 lbs)- $7800


All models custom soft-bag to hold cage, spars, and propeller.  Units breakdown in less than 5 minutes and can easily fit in the trunk or backseat of your car!




Reserve Pocket integrated into harness: $120
Titanium Acro Rated Swingarm Bars:  $120
10L Bladder Fuel Tank: $25 upgrade, $150

"Delta" Chassis

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